The laser scanning process produces CAD models which are ideal for quality assurance checks.

Our engineers use laser scan data to produce coloured wear maps which show the deviation between a real object and the manufacturing drawing. The colour map clearly identifies where the tolerances are and what deviations should be accepted. This provides far more information than a manufacturing drawing alone, enabling fast and reliable quality checks.

With quality assurance checks via laser scanning site fits can be guaranteed. Get in touch with us for further info or take a look at our process for quality checks below.

Our Process

The CAD model is normally the item used for manufacture, but may also have been developed from a reverse-engineered item.

The laser scan provides millions of dots with known distances between them – a ‘point cloud’.

Meshing the point cloud is mandatory, so the ‘solid’ surfaces are distinguishable.

The CAD model now becomes the datum for  rapid Quality Assurance checks of manufactured items

Reliable and fast 100% QA checks of manufactured parts then become easy! Site fits guarantees are now possible. Our QA maps are shared, rather than our manufacturing models.

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Case Studies

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In conjunction with the customer, 7D Team developed the process, procedure and methodology to provide continuous wear monitoring statistical data that could be used to asses and predict wear characteristics, with a view to prolonging the life of the chute liners.

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New and improved super duplex pump

Reverse Engineering a Seawater Lift Pump

Case Study: Sea Water Lift Pump Overview 2 stage bronze pump Diameter 600mm Original condition lasting 6 to 12 months Redevelopment scope Provide alternative supply with local support Match motor maintenance schedule of 4 years Lead time reduces from OEM 18 months to 6 months Solution A Western Australian client

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